Rubber doll exam II

The stomach sound for pee treatment was a complete new experience for me. But from the beginning. As you saw in the first part of the video I was laying down on the gynchair, complete in rubber. My rubbermaster adviced me to go down on my knees on the floor and again my ass was opened with the big speculum. He was above me and the moment his hot pee rains down on my rubber body, my rubberpussy and my open asshole I was near to an orgasm, without doing anything. After this little pee game I was fixed on the gyntable again and my master prepared the stomach sound. Slowly but surely the sound runs through my nose into the stomach. Having in mind what will run through it the next minutes? Unbelieveable. So, in rubber on the gyn chair, with the bladder catheter and the stomachsound I was allowed to play again with my rubberpussy. What a perfect rubberdoll? Smile. What do you think about it? A bit to hard for you? Or even perfect? Perfect is the image and sound quality again on this full hd video movie. Enjoy.

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The stomach sound for pee treatment
The stomach sound for pee treatment
The stomach sound for pee treatment
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