2nd night in rubber

Into the rubberbed the asscunt filled. After the pee enema and my rubber bath I dressed up for my second rubbernight. A glass of champagne and a relaxing rubber good night orgasm. I dressed up in black and red with a mask for the night and of course my asscunt should not be unfilled. Smile. Over the whole day my asspussy was filled or fucked and so I decided to wear my huge black rubbercock on the rubberbelt during the night. It is kinky to have the asscunt filled while sleeping. You remember this horny visitor every time you move around or wake up, but horny like hell. So I fucked my asspussy a bit with the rubbercock and fixed him on the belt. But now it was time for sleeping, cause tomorrow there will be some more horny bizarre rubber adventures and you can be with me of course. Now I wish you a horny rubbernight, take care and enjoy it right now. There were some mails the last week or I sleep every night in rubber? Smile? Of course not, but probably more often than you think. Enjoy the night with me. Yours Rubberina.

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Into the rubberbed the asscunt filled
Into the rubberbed the asscunt filled
Into the rubberbed the asscunt filled
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