Peehole sounding

Extreme orgasm with peehole sounding. The urethra as the third slave fucking hole? Sounds good ha? First I play on him a bit with the peehole plug. Fixed round the glans with its ring, kind of a not to small metal plug runs inside the cock. Just like a little chastity belt, without a belt. Smile. Cause peeing or masturbating is not an easy way with the inserted urethra sound. Have a look at it. Looks bizarre kinky ha and probably kind of a tickling job while wearing it. After that I check out different metal sounds on his peehole. First a bit tricky, but then it works, with smaller and bigger ones. Looks really good, when they slide inside the hard cock and after a while the fucking slave is ready for the urethra vibro toy. A little challenge to catch it, but once inside the peehole it tickles and vibrates. A feeling like no other. If you ever tried, you know what I mean. After fucking him a bit with that metal toy I got what I want. Smile. Most slaves are a bit afraid, but once checked they are addicted to it. Enjoy and have peehole fun. Yours Ina.

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Extreme orgasm with peehole sounding
Extreme orgasm with peehole sounding
Extreme orgasm with peehole sounding
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